CyClean has all characteristics and the necessary functions to guarantee safety, efficiency and operativeness under all conditions. You can browse the attached figure to discover the main characteristics of our three wheeled tricycle.

---- 8 Gear Shift ----
----- Parking Brake -----
-- tipping body --
-- door --
disc brakes
**** Pedal assist **
*trunk with
--- stabilizers ----
--- motorcycle wheels
lithium battery


Unlike other specific means of transportation for urban cleaning, CyClean is classified as bike in most countries. That is, it can freely operate in areas restricted to classical waste collection vehicles. It makes no noise, does not pollute, it is super ecological and does not require driving license or road tax.

No driving license

A driving license is not required to operate with this vehicle.

No road tax

Road tax costs are totally erased, unlike most other vehicles for the collection of waste.

No annual inspection or insurance

No mandatory annual inspection needed, nor car insurance, as other engine operated vehicles need.

Technical specs

Here are some technical specifications for CyClean.

Reverse gear

Three-wheeled CyClean has reverse gear to facilitate handling in small spaces and ease matching with traditional compactor trucks.

Shock absorbers

Thanks to its shock absorbers, driving this vehicle is easy even on uneven surfaces. Moreover, frame and structure are less stressed and will therefore last longer.

Hydraulic Control Unit

The vehicle can be easily maintained, for a longer lifespan and safety, at the same time reducing operational costs.

Max speed control

This vehicle features a potentiometer to adjust maximum speed: CyClean consumes only the energy needed!

Oleodynamics, double effect cylinders

Powerful oleodynamic, double effect cylinders move the tipping body, ensuring maximum safety when operating.

Extensible control panel

Thanks to the extensible control panel, movements of the tipping body are always under control.

Fully charged in 6 hours

LiFePO4 38V 25Ah 950Wh lithium batteries, more than 1,500 charging cycles, with 5A mounted battery charger.

Distance travelled (2 batteries) 50 Km

CyClean can ride up to 50Km, at a constant speed of 12Km/h, with a 100Kg load and on a flat surface.

1€ per 100Km only!

Fully operative CyClean costs only 0.01€/Km. Costs are totally erased!

Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear, changes also from a standstill!

Solid professional 8 speed Shimano gear selector, to help the operator when the road gets worse.

Maximum load 150 Kg

The tipping body is designed to increase efficiency during the collection of waste, both in terms of load and volume.

Maximum speed 25 Km/h

CyClean is fast! It can reach a maximum speed of 25Km/h to quickly travel outside of town or in straight roads.


Do you want to see our cargo bike for waste collection at work? Check out the videos below or visit TECAM Youtube channel.

Cyclean™ - Testimonial Zeta Group Consorzio

Gaetano, in charge of the cleaning and waste service of the Zeta Group Consortium, explains how Cyclean helped their company to pursue the pick-up operations within the structure of IL CENTRO di Arese (MI) in an innovative, sustainable and people-friendly manner.

Fully customizable

Our vehicle can be completely customized to better answer your needs. We can apply your stickers, colors, logo and brand. We can customize CyClean™ and its accessories for you to perform your tasks at best.





Endless advantages

CyClean is an e-trike designed to collect waste, but it can also be used in any context which needs a modern and super ecological vehicle.

CyClean™ means efficiency

With its two 950Wh lithium batteries, CyClean™ can ride up to 50Kms, including load/download operations. Batteries can be charged up to 1,500 times. Stabilizers, tipping body and reverse gear guarantee a quick pairing which any compactor. Its consumption is only 1€ per 100Km. Its cost is fully repaid. It does not use any fuels and maintenance costs are extremely reduced. It is good for the environment and cost effective: CyClean is good both for the environment and for your wallet!

Back trunk and side door

CyClean features a handy back trunk for small tools and a side door to help during loading operations.




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Use the contact form in this page for any questions you might have. In the meantime, here are the answers to some most common questions.

Is cycling tiring?

No. Thanks to pedal assist it is possible to move with the least effort.

Can I have a test drive?

Of course. Only by trying CyClean you will find out how comfortable, easy and fun to use it is.

How can it be recharged?

You simply need a 220V industrial plug and a cord. CyClean features an integrated charger.


Where can it operate?

CyClean is silent and discreet, does not pollute and can therefore be used in most traffic restricted zones.

Bike Paths

Traffic restricted and pedestrian zones

Parks and gardens

Monumental zones and historical centers

Club/Golf club

Tourist resorts

Hotel facilities

Graveyards, cemeteries and religious places

Beaches and sea venues

Download the booklet

the CyClean™ booklet with all technical data.


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